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Prairie Creeks Living Center and The Residences at Prairie Creeks are located in Strasburg, Colorado. We are just minutes east of the Denver area on I-70. You can feel like you never left home while residing at our friendly community with the charm of country living. Personal Service and Quality Care are first priority of our management and staff.

The Prairie Creeks Living Center was first Visualized by people in our community decades ago. There had long been a need for local assistance for senior citizens and it was distressing for the seniors and their families to have to move their loved ones to the city having lived in the area for most, if not all, of their lives. In 1993, Daryl Haerther, a local livestock producer, visited some assisted living centers in other communities and decided to explore the possibilities of assisted living in our community. In October of 1993, he gathered together a group of local residents to attend an architectural presentation on assisted living. As a result, a non-profit corporation was formed and named Eastern Slope Housing, and its goal was to begin the process of building an assisted living center. The initial board consisted of Haerther, Margaret Cozza, Bill McNeill, Lon Losh, Linda Huffman and Ken Hanks. Claire Hoover later joined this volunteer board.

A long process began with the group encountering frequent roadblocks. In 1995 the board received assistance from DGW Management, a Denver firm that was experienced in this type of development. Major hurdles were overcome when land was made available by Ernest Englebrecht, financing was provided by Colorado Housing Authority and grants were approved by Adams County Outreach. Many area individuals and businesses were made aware of this project resulting in several other generous contributions. Mark Donelson, architect, and Ash and White construction began in the fall of 1996 and completed in April of 1997.

Since 1997 we have served dozens of local and non-local seniors. In 2003, we expanded our senior services by adding 26 Independent Living Apartments named the Residences of Prairie Creeks. Many members of our original board remain active and Margaret Cozza is employed as Director of Prairie Creeks Living Center. We are proud of our achievements and continue to offer the highest quality care available on the eastern plains.

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Managed by Eastern Slope Housing, Inc., a Colorado Not-for-profit 503C